IMG 1018A dozen “Artists” showed up for the first ‘Sip ‘n Paint’ Party at Lavender Fields @ Tantivy Farm on September 1st. A beautiful cool evening with the amazing views of the Allegheny mountains in the background helped inspire all participants, ably led by the ‘Left Handed Artist’ instructor, Tamera Renee, and her assistant Kelly Bright.

She patiently led us all on lavender stem painting, with just the right amount of pressure in the upward strokes using different shades of green to help highlight, then coached us all through adding the buds with gentle touches, rather than painting them on with several purple and grey shades, then any other finishing touches for some beautiful one of a kind wine glasses. Even I (Brian) did one, making sure that all in attendance knew I hadn’t painted since high school, and dare I say it turned out pretty darn good even if it wasn’t the best of the night.

To top it all off, some wonderful snacks from the talented Penny’s kitchen. A delicious Herb de Provence cheese ball, with herbs picked on the farm, a delectable tomato tart and bruschetta and toast, then topped off with a scrumptious lavender pound cake and lavender lemonade as well as the three colors of wine to sip on.

Stay tuned for future paintings at Lavender Fields @ Tantivy Farm as well as other activities and classes. We are also very excited to announce the Grand Opening of our Fairy Trail on September 15th from 2 til 4 p.m. As well as the second bloom of Lavender during the entire month with opportunities to Pick Your Own Bouquets.

2017 came and went pretty darn fast. We had all sorts of plans that did not materialize such as the farm opening and keeping up to date on the blog and pictures. We had no idea the response to our products would be so overwhelming.

But the big news for this year is our farm WILL open to the public on May 5th and then be open Friday & Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 1-6 each week through December. Except in full bloom time, May 23 - July 8 we will also be open Wednesday and Thursday 10-6. The new Lavender Shop is being built with all four sides in place, now waiting for the roofing materials to arrive. Each side will have a porch for rest and relaxation. Our flower and vegetable gardens along with the lavender will be open for browsing and possible picking. We have two garden clubs already signed up for special time visits and will try to accommodate any requests from groups, family gatherings or photographers. Contact us through email or phone and we can arrange a time and date.

We shall still be going to the Staunton Farmers Market each Saturday from 7 a.m. - noon and are looking forward to catching up with our new friends and followers. We shall have numerous varieties of plants in 4" pots for sale in Staunton as well as on the farm. Due to the demand for lavender that does well in pots, we are adding several varieties that are more suited for those with limited space. 

More updates soon.


We are so excited. Aftter sending in our application for the Staunton Farmer's Market, and attending the annual meeting in January, we have been accepted to start on April 1st 2017 from 7a.m. - noon. Then each Saturday until November. We will probably have to miss a couple of markets due to conflicts. The date is fast approaching. We ordered our lavender pop up tent so it will be easy to find us. We have also been working feverishly on the products to sell. Update on what will be available soon.


Not exactly.....The mortgage would need to be paid, perhaps the boys would want to go to college so we kept working in the horse world. Brian became a top judge, traveling 35-40 long weekends a year, judging on 4 continents, including the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, and became an educator of horse show judges in the US. Penny continued being the best horse show manager in the world, organizing as many as 20 national and international competitions a year mostly in central Virginia. We both served on numerous committees and received many awards from the United States Eventing Association for our work within the sport. In hindsight our "breaking point" in the horse world seems to have been the 2005, 06 and 07 North American Junior and Young Rider Championship that we hosted/organized at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, Va. This was an international competition for 14-21 year olds in the three Olympic disciplines of Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping. We also added Reining and Vaulting as demonstration sports which were well received by the athletes and the governing bodies. While we thoroughly enjoyed the spirit and enthusiasm shown by the young riders, we found it to be an emotional drain on us. After that nothing quite seemed to put that enthusiasm back into us. We continued with the big shows but really enjoyed the more local shows that brought out the local aspiring Olympic riders, some of whom were under 10!